The 2020 hiking season is underway, staring with some snowshoeing. Based off the 2019 season, I expect I will be snowshoeing up through May. Looking forward to this season and the opportunity to go further west and south and even north of I-70. See you on the trail!

Brown's Creek Trail - Snowshoeing

February 15, 2020 ~ The original plan was for a snowshoeing trek along Little Brown's Creek, which is just north of Brown's Creek Trail and shares a common trailhead. However, there were a couple of things that happened that played out that changed the course of this 9.7-mile trek. Thankfully, the weather for this trek was great. It was a clear sunny day with very little wind.

Lone Pine Lake Lake - Snowshoeing

January 18, 2020 ~ The trek along the Lone Pine Lake trail is an easy trail along the oxbows, I have been to Lone Pine Lake in the Summer and in the Winter the snow-covered oxbows are very pretty. It was overcast for most of the trek in and began to clear up on the way out.