2013 is the year this all started. The hike to Pitkin Lake started it all. Although it was a difficult trail, I was hooked immediately. However, I didn't have the right gear and the seasons were changing quickly. So, even though this season only brought two hikes, I new this was something I would enjoy. I prefer Spring / Summer / Fall hikes, so that makes for a somewhat short hiking season; it's become my version of a stay-cation. Colorado has a beautiful backyard. I hope you enjoy the pictures from my hikes and hopefully inspires you to get out and see what the Colorado Rockies have to offer.

Mt. Ida

September 7, 2013 ~ The hike to Mt. Ida is a fun hike. You do spend most of your time above tree-line so weather and start time are a factor, as the weather above tree-line can deteriorate very quickly. The views of the park are breathtaking once above tree-line. You skirt the Continental Divide on the way to Mt. Ida.

Pitkin Lake

August 24, 2013 ~ The trail to Pitkin Lake starts right across the highway from Vail ski resort. The trail follows a high glacial valley. With high glacial valley trails, there is a considerable jump in elevation from the trailhead to the glacial valley very early on in the trail. As such, the most difficult part of the trail is the beginning of the trail.