Meadow Mountain - Snowshoeing
~White River National Forest~

The Meadow Mountain trail at the Minturn exit along I-70 is interesting, it is super easy access and during the winter caters to many winter activities, including: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, Telemark skiing, down-hill skiing, snowboarding, toboggining and snowmobiling and add mountain biking and hiking in the summer. I think one of the reasons this area can offer so many different winter activities options is because of its history.

This area was once a lettuce farm, then a private down-hill ski area, so it's ideal for a lot of different options that don't seem to get too much in the way of the other, though snowmobiling is by far the most popular activity. I got there early and only encountered snowmobiles later in the day on the way out. For the most part there were just a couple of cross-country skiers and a few snowshoeing.

This turned out to be about 7.3 miles roundtrip for me and because I did go to the ridge where the old-Line Shack cabin is (which apparently someone is living in), this was a lot of vertical in snowshoes. I tried to stick to the trail via GPS, but at times it made more sense to follow a snowmobile track since nobody had been on parts of the documented trail. The snow is very deep where there are no tracks on the documented trail. I attempted it and sank up to my hips in powder snow.

The weather was a mix of cloudy, light snow, breaks in the clouds to show blue sky then back to cloudy, though not too much wind, just a strong breeze at the Line Shack cabin. Overall, it was a very nice day and the views were incredible when there was a break in the clouds. Check out my GPS tracks here.

Janurary 26, 2019