Lost Lake - Near Copper Mountain
~Eagles Nest Wilderness~

There are a number of lakes named "Lost Lake" in Colorado, and there is more than one "Lost Lake" in Eagles Nest Wilderness. This "Lost Lake" in Eagles Nest Wilderness is near Copper Mountain Ski Resort. Initially, I had my doubts about this trail as the trailhead is so close to I-70. I was thinking, "You're going to hear the highway the entire time" and you do up until just before Wheeler Lakes, then the highway fades away. The ski runs on Copper Mountain are visible for most of the hike, but once you get up to and past Wheeler Lakes the views are spectacular.

It had rained the night before, and it was biblical rain, so everything was covered in dew and there was mist coming off of Wheeler Lakes, it was very pretty. The weather all the way in was fantastic, not too hot, a light breeze and big white clouds racing by giving off dramatic shadows. There were very few people on the trail on the way in, which was great, though on the way out, there were a number of groups on their way in for overnight camping - they got soaked by more rain latter that night.

When I reached Lost Lake, the clouds gave the lake a greenish color, it was very pretty and the lake - Lost Lake is aptly named as it is very easy to walk past it and not know its there as there is a small ridge that is just high enough to hide the lake from the trail. It seems like a very nice place for camping. There are a number of smaller lakes and ponds along the way to Uneva Pass.

The views of the Gore Range from Uneva Pass are spectacular; I got lucky there was only a light breeze and a clear sky with some large white clouds racing by. As it turns out this is a semi-loop trail where you can start at Copper Mountain and continue on over Uneva Pass then back down into Frisco. I was talking with a couple and the end of this trail will dump you out right on Main street in Frisco and you can then get a shuttle back to Copper Mountain to pick up your car. The total mileage for that semi-loop is about the same as what I ended up with on this hike. For me this hike came in at 14 miles roundtrip.

There was some light rain towards the end of the hike, but nothing too bad. There are signs of rust in the grasses, meaning a change in seasons; it's August and the weather is changing, there was fresh snow on one of the far peaks behind Copper Mountain and it was brisk in the morning. Looking forward to the Fall season and its dramatic colors on the trail. Check out my GPS tracks here.

August 4, 2018