Lonesome Lake
~Holy Cross Wilderness~

Lonesome Lake in White River National Forest is just outside of Minturn is lightly used trail and a hidden gem. It's not the most difficult trail as it skirts the valley floor or just above the valley floor until the final pitch to Lonesome Lake. There are two entrances to this trail and they are very different. The shorter of the two is very steep for the first 15 minutes - that's the trailhead I chose.

The valley floor has an oxbow stream that meanders through thick shrub, this is Moose country, though I didn't see any Moose as hunting had just started. The grasses are beginning to rust - a sign of the change in seasons; I'm sure just a few weeks earlier the valley floor was a fluorescent green. But still, it's very pretty right now and matches the change in seasons.

Lonesome Lake and the cathedral mountains rimming the lake are breathtaking. If I had planned differently I would have stayed there the night, it's spectacular.

The aspens are beginning to change and if you look closely at one of the pictures towards the end it is as if even Mother Nature knew this was Labor Day weekend and time to drain the pool. There's a picture that looks likes like a drained swimming hole with a big rock as a diving board. Summer is almost over. The weather was perfect; this is do-again hike. Checkout my GPS tracks here.

September 3, 2017