Mohawk Lakes
~White River National Forest~

Mohawk Lakes in the White River National Forest is just south of Breckenridge and sits in a high and very wide glacial valley. There are a couple of different starting points to get to Mohawk Lakes, either the Spruce Creek trail head or along the Wheeler Trail. As such, Lower Mohawk Lake is a very popular destination. The number of people there reminds me of Lawn Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's surprising how many people are there.

There are six lakes in the Mohawk Lakes chain and just before the Mohawk Lakes are the Mayflower Lakes. Camping and fly fishing are very popular activities at Lower Mohawk Lake. Lower and Upper Mohawk Lakes are right at tree line and have a lot of animal activity, Mountain Goats are a common site.

I got lucky with the weather, it was mostly sunny and once above Upper Mohawk Lake it the wind began to pick up, but wasn't too bad. Once above Upper Mohawk Lake the wild flowers have peaked and have started to rust - signaling a change in seasons. It was a really pretty day, just a lot more people that I had expected. Checkout my GPS tracks here.

August 19, 2017