St. Louis Lake
~Fraser Experimental Forest~

St. Louis Lake trail is a little gem on a lightly traveled trail technically in Arapaho National Forest, it is part of the Fraser Experimental Forest. The trail does seem to put a lot of people off due to the 3+ miles you need to walk (or bike) on a closed dirt road just to get to the trail head. The time on the dirt road just to get to the trail head does do its job. On the way in I came across a total of 5 people in two different groups. They say the total hike comes in around 13.8 miles, somehow I came up with 12.8.

St. Louis Lake is a high alpine lake that sits right at tree line. For me, the weather was perfect, big blue skies, great panoramic views and a few big white puffy clouds racing by. There is dispersed camping at and near the lake. It's very peaceful there. Once on the actual trail the trail spends a good amount of time skirting the St. Louis Creek. At this time of the year, it was still full, but not a raging torrent so it made the hike all the more relaxing. The wildflowers are in full bloom along the trail, lots of blues, yellows, reds - it's very pretty at this time of year.

There are a couple of spots where there are significant gains in elevation in a short period of time, but they go by quick. It was a beautiful sunny day, well worth the time spent on the dirt road to get to the actual trail. Checkout my GPS tracks here.

July 15, 2017