Lawn Lake
~Rocky Mountain National Park~

Lawn Lake sits in a high wide glacial bowl, the valley is wide, and very lush. The lake is usually calm and flat and reflects the mountains onto the lake giving the effect of two skies. There are deer everywhere, and on occasion you can see moose too.

On this two-day trip the weather was not the best, I got to experience just about every type of weather Colorado has to offer: sunny clear blue skies, cloudy, thunder, lightning, wind, rain and hail. On the first day I spent most of the best times to take pictures and explore under a tarp during the hail storms.

After the hail storm and the clouds began to clear I went for a walk looking for moose, I had heard of two bull moose at the far end of the lake. As I was walking through the tall grass, I came across a deer bedded down. It was at that moment that it dawned on me just how bad of an idea it was to be walking through the tall grass. If I can come across a deer bedded down, that means I could possibly come across an elk, moose or worse a bear bedded down in this tall grass. I made my way out of the tall grass as fast as I could and without event.

In the camp site there is a resident marmot and a very curious deer, neither seem to be too bothered by people, a good thing and bad thing, I think. I talked with a park ranger on the way up and he said there had not been any reported bear contact at Lawn Lake, that was good news, the bear contact was happening mostly down at the car-camp sites.

The trail to Lawn Lake has a fairly constant up-hill gradient, but nothing too strenuous. The trail skirts the Roaring River and there is severe river bank erosion. The trail has been pulled back up-hill as the banks fall into the river. You can see where parts of the trail are about to collapse into the river. There are depressions on the trail indicating a pending fracture and collapse into the river.

Despite the less than ideal weather, Lawn Lake is a calm, beautiful and very peaceful place. Checkout my GPS tracks here.

July 7 - 8, 2017