Mills Lake, Jewel Lake & Black Lake
~Rocky Mountain National Park~

The hike to Mills Lake, Jewel Lake and Black Lake is full of amazing panoramic views. The views look like postcards. Mills Lake and Jewel Lake are fairly easy to get to. Black Lake is a bit more challenging. At this time of the year walking along the leeward side of Mills Lake and Jewel Lake is full of mosquitoes, and they are tick - so much so it necessitated using the bandana as a mask.

There was an ice field to cross on the final pitch to Black Lake. Once at Black Lake the racing clouds made the peaks surrounding Black Lake very dramatic and changed every couple of minutes to show a different character in the rock formations. Black Lake is beautiful. There is a waterfall there that looks suspiciously like the waterfall on a beer can of a certain Colorado brewer.

June 28, 2014