Gourd Lake
~Indian Peaks Wilderness~

The hike to Gourd Lake turned out to be the last hike of the season. It's a good length hike, coming in around 17 miles roundtrip. The printed and online maps have a common error on them; or at least they did when I planned this hike. The maps show what looks like a quick cutoff to the left then pretty much vertical to Gourd Lake - that is not correct. That cutoff has been blocked off. The cutoff is a bit further up the trail with a very new trail sign. Once you get there that's when you make your left, then the trail zigzags up the side of the mountain.

I didn't see many people on the trail, always a plus, though those that I did meet where on their way back from fishing at Gourd Lake. They said the lake was full of very large trout. Gourd Lake is a very peaceful place, and would be great to go back to in early-to-mid Summer to make this a multi-day hike.

October 4, 2015