Lawn Lake & Crystal Lake
~Rocky Mountain National Park~

Lawn Lake and Crystal Lake is one of my favorite hikes in RMNP, the lake and the surrounding mountains are stunning and eminently peaceful. The hike comes in just over 12.5 miles. There are portions of the trail that are receding and climbing backing to the woods due to flood damage. When I got to Crystal Lake, it was a little overcast, and a light breeze. I remember thinking, that if I was camping here, I would love to take a nap here along the edge of Crystal Lake - someday maybe.

I think perhaps one of the reasons why Lawn Lake is so calming and so peaceful is due to the tragedy that occurred there in 1982 when the then Lawn Lake Dam failed in the early hours of the morning of July 15, and with the massive release of water took with it the lives of three campers. Whatever the reasons be the serene beauty and peacefulness of this place, Lawn Lake is beautiful and worth returning to.

July 26, 2015