Mt. Ida
~Rocky Mountain National Park~

The hike to Mt. Ida is a fun hike. You do spend most of your time above tree-line so weather and start time are a factor, as the weather above tree-line can deteriorate very quickly. The views of the park are breathtaking once above tree-line. You skirt the Continental Divide on the way to Mt. Ida.

For me the wildlife was diverse and very interesting. I saw a bull Elk just below tree-line drink water from a small stream and once above tree line a came across a big-horn Sheep that seem puzzled to see me up there. And of course, there are the Marmots, the hams-for-the-camera always willing to pose for a picture. If you can time the weather right, this is a fantastic hike. For me, I rated this hike a moderate-to-strenuous hike due to being above tree-line for the majority of the hike. This hike comes in just over 9.5 miles. Well worth it.

September 7, 2013