Lake Isabelle - Snowshoeing

November 23, 2019 ~ The snowshoeing season has officially begun! And for some reason I chose a long trail, to Lake Isabelle inside of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The weather was perfect, a lot of sun, and it had been snowing for the past two days.

Jasper Lake

July 5, 2019 ~ What a beautiful day for an early Summer hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. I did not make it all they way to the intended lake, Storm Lake, just above Jasper Lake, I was stopped by - snow, snow blocked the final steep pitch from Jasper Lake to Storm Lake. Though many of the pictures don't look like snow would have been an issue, it was. The snow in the trees was waist deep and very soft. Even without making it to Storm Lake, this hike will stay in my memories as a first.

Brainard Lake Recreational Area - Snowshoeing

February, 17, 2019 ~ The Brainard Lake Recreational Area is a gateway into the Indian Peaks Wilderness and during the winter offers a full day of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing opportunities for all ages. Since this area is closed to traffic in the winter months the snow-covered roads become deep snow trails to spend hours on. Since it is close to Boulder it's a quick and easy drive to get there.

Forest Lakes

July 6, 2018 ~ What a beautiful day for a hike, what a beautiful hike and a beautiful set of lakes - Forest Lakes in Indian Peaks Wilderness. Lower Forest Lake and its surrounding ponds seem like Moose country, though I did not see any Moose or evidence of them. Upper Forest Lake is spectacular, with the high, steep granite peaks contrasting against the lake and the blue, blue, blue sky. It is very peaceful.

Woodland Lake

June 23, 2018 ~ The hike to Woodland Lake and Skyscraper Reservoir is a very pretty hike, it comes in around 12 miles roundtrip; for me it came in at 13.3 miles. The views from Woodland Lake are spectacular, and when the clouds raced through made some very dramatic shadows on the surrounding valley walls. There is still some snow on the trail, starting at and just above treeline there's still noticeable snow. The weather was great, there was some high winds from time to time at Skyscraper Reservoir, which is a small alpine lake converted to a reservoir sometime in the 1940's. Lots of Marmots on the rock outcrops and a lot of evidence of Elk on the trail.

St. Vrain Glacier Trail

July 1, 2017 ~ This hike along the St. Vrain Glacier Trail was originally planned to go all the way to Gibraltar Lake. However, the Spring runoff was still going pretty strong, so when it came time to cross the Middle St. Vrain Creek, which I?m sure is indeed a creek when the runoff is not in full swing, was too deep and moving too fast for my comfort zone. This hike is in classic glacier valley, it has a very gentle incline and the trail moves pretty fast.

Watanga Lake

September 4, 2016 ~ The hike to Watanga Lake was a quick hike, coming in just under nine miles roundtrip. I think it was quick because of the weather and a good portion of the trail is under a thick canopy. The weather was a bit of a mixed bag. At the start of the hike the fog was very thick, and the cloud cover was very low. It did rain a couple of times during the hike as well as at Watanga Lake. It's a nice getaway-solitude spot. Once the rain passed the skies cleared up it was a beautiful day.

Pawnee Lake

July 30, 2016 ~ The hike to Pawnee Lake is a beautiful hike, long but very pretty. This is hike that is better suited as a 2-day event. There are portions of the trail that run along a valley floor and go quickly; this is Moose country. The last pitch to Pawnee Lake is a little challenging, but that may have been because I did this in as a day hike. I ran across a couple of groups of people, mostly on their decent from Pawnee pass and on they way out. Given the length of the hike, I got very lucky with the weather. Would love to do this hike again but as a multi-day hike.

Gourd Lake

October 4, 2015 ~ The hike to Gourd Lake turned out to be the last hike of the season. It's a good length hike, coming in around 17 miles roundtrip. The printed and online maps have a common error on them; or at least they did when I planned this hike. The maps show what looks like a quick cutoff to the left then pretty much vertical to Gourd Lake - that is not correct. That cutoff has been blocked off. The cutoff is a bit further up the trail with a very new trail sign. Once you get there that's when you make your left, then the trail zigzags up the side of the mountain.

Stone Lake and Upper Lake

September 26, 2015 ~ The hike to Stone Lake and Upper Lake is somewhat challenging, not technically, just a bit steep in places. I got a late start on this hike, as such I finished this hike after dark and being in September sunset comes earlier. Overall, it was a beautiful day with clear skies and very light breeze.

Pawnee Pass

September 19, 2015 ~ The hike to Pawnee Pass is a pretty hike up to tree line as the Indian Peaks are in full view for most of the hike. Once above treeline the wind begins to pick up and is quite strong; I clocked the winds at Pawnee pass at 40 miles per hour - that's noticeable. The weather was great, a light breeze before treeline and a big blue sky all day. The original plan was go make it to Pawnee Lake, but the I ran out of time on this hike. It could have been done if it was a multi-day hike.

King Lake, Betty Lake & Bob Lake

August 29, 2015 ~ The hike to King Lake, Betty Lake & Bob Lake and a beautiful hike, you could not have asked for better weather with a big blue sky. The hike comes in just over 10 miles round-trip. There are a couple of different access points to these lakes - either from Eldora or from Fraser, as such there are a number of people at the lower lakes, mostly fishing. Most of them are there to fish. Even with the number of people you still get the feeling of having the trail to yourself. It's simply a beautiful trail and a beautiful group of high alpine lakes.

Jasper Lake

June 21, 2015 ~ The hike to Jasper Lake was a mixed bag, the Spring Runoff was in full swing and there was still snow on the trail and at Jasper Lake. The weather was fluctuating between bright sunny clear skies and storm clouds that looked like they could either dump rain or snow or both. Luckily, neither happened, just overcast from time to time.

Blue Lake

September 27, 2014 ~ There are a number of lakes and ponds on the way to Blue Lake. Blue Lake can look deceptive large, depending on which angle you take a picture from. It?s a very pretty lake, but it has a very different character depending on which direction you look at it. For late September I got really lucky with the weather. It was a beautiful day with a light but constant breeze.

Heart Lake

September 20, 2014 ~ Fall was in the air and the Aspen?s were in full Fall colors on the hike to Heart Lake. The most vibrant Fall colors were at the trail head at Moffat Tunnel. The trail goes fairly fast and the view of Heart Lake from Rogers Peak is amazing. Got really lucky with the weather at time of the year.

Lake Isabelle

September 13, 2014 ~ The hike to Lake Isabelle is gorgeous. There are spectacular views of the Indian Peaks. I got very luck with the weather, the colors did not reflect the time of year, everything was still a vibrant green. It was windy and below freezing in the morning, but it turned out to be a great day.