Carter Creek

September 28, 2019 ~ Each hike I have done has something unique that makes each special and creates a special memory on the trail. However, this trek along Carter Creek in the Holy Cross Wilderness was something different. It was a spectacular surprise. While it is difficult to single out any given trail as a favorite, this trail is at the top of the list. The Holy Cross Wilderness and the Savage Range in the White River National Forest are something special and the weather for this trek made it that much more special; perfect weather and huge big blue skies all day.

Olsen Lake

September 7, 2019 ~ The hike to Olsen Lake inside the Holy Cross Wilderness is a hidden gem. The first half of the trail is outside of the Holy Cross Wilderness and is well traveled by trail runners and people walking their dogs. It's a straight trail with a steady incline. However, because the first half of the trail is so well traveled it doesn't feel like you're working too hard on the trail. From the trailhead up to the Meadow Mountain crossing would probably be a good endurance trek for snowshoeing.

Seven Sisters Lakes

August 24, 2019 ~ This was my second attempt to reach the Seven Sisters Lakes in the Holy Cross Wilderness. The first attempt was via the north side from last week's hike to Lower Turhare Lake. This time would be from the south side near Homestake Road, my favorite washboard dirt road. After reviewing possible routes to the series of lakes known as The Seven Sisters, it was clear there was no short route. This trek turned out to be a 17.2-mile roundtrip trek.

Lower Turhare Lake

August 17, 2019 ~ The hike to Lower Turhare Lake along the Fall Creek Trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness has been on my mind for some time, but the trailhead has been out of reach with the in-city car, but with the Jeep I?m finally able to get to some of these trails that have been just out of reach for the past few years. The weather fluctuated between big bright blue skies and thick clouds. I had planned to push on to the saddle overlooking the first two of the Seven Sisters Lakes, but the weather turned and there was some lightning and thunder. That was the determining factor to call it and turn back as I was over 12,000 feet when saw the lightning.

Eagle Lake Trail

August 3, 2019 ~ The hike along Eagle Lake Trail was an interesting one. I was supposed to be a much longer hike to Strawberry Lake, but I had to cut it short just shy of Halfmoon Lake, just above Eagle Lake. The weather for this much shorter than planned hike was fantastic and very warm. There were several big white clouds, but a mild breeze kept pushing the clouds around. It was never too overcast, and the clouds added texture to the incredible views of southern side of Fools Peak and Eagle Peak.

Treasure Vault Lake Loop

August 19, 2018 ~ This hike was a loop to Treasure Vault Lake. The loop goes by a number of different names including The Missouri Pass Loop, Treasure Vault Loop and Fancy Pass Loop. Additionally, depending on which map you read the loop is either in Eagles Nest Wilderness or The Holy Cross Wilderness, but both are in The White River National Forest. Which ever trail you want to call and whichever mountain area you want to place it in, it is a spectacular trail.

Lonesome Lake

September 3, 2017 ~ Lonesome Lake in White River National Forest is just outside of Minturn is lightly used trail and a hidden gem. It's not the most difficult trail as it skirts the valley floor or just above the valley floor until the final pitch to Lonesome Lake. Lonesome Lake and the cathedral mountains rimming the lake are breathtaking.

Fancy Lake, Mulhall Lakes and Cleveland Lake

July 28, 2017 ~ The hike to Fancy Lake, Mulhall Lakes and Cleveland Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness in the White River National Forest is breathtaking. It's not a terribly difficult hike, though it can take a long time to complete just under 13 miles as there is so much to see. The views are absolutely amazing.

Missouri Lakes

September 18, 2016 ~ The weather on the hike to Missouri Lakes was perfect, could not have asked for better mid-September weather for a hike. The Missouri Lakes are a chain of high alpine lakes are breathtaking. It's not longest hike, coming in around seven miles, and should be part of a longer hike, which I plan on going back and completing. The fall colors and the granite against the blue sky are vivid and striking; this would be a great leg on a multi-day hiking trip.