Wheeler Lakes - Snowshoeing

December 29, 2018 ~ The weather for snowshoeing to Wheeler Lakes could not have been better, not a cloud in the sky, no wind, not even a light breeze, great snow and someone had already broken trail. There was a light dusting of snow the night before, so I could tell there was nobody ahead of me on the trail and on the way back the only fresh tracks where mine. It was a great day for a 6.5-mile roundtrip snowshoeing trek.

Lower Crystal Lake

September 22, 2018 ~ The hike to Lower Crystal Lake was a quick and relatively short hike. This hike came in just over 6.5 miles roundtrip, which for me at this point in time is a very short hike. However, the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a mild breeze from time to time, but when the wind did pickup it was a bit chilly. I got an early start, which as it turns out was a very good thing. The trailhead for Lower Crystal Lake is the same as for Mohawk Lake, which is a very popular destination. By the time I returned and stepped off the trail, which was still relatively early in the day, there were still people coming up to the trailhead looking for parking.

Lost Lake - Near Copper Mountain

August 4, 2018 ~ There are a number of lakes named 'Lost Lake' in Colorado, and there is more than one 'Lost Lake' in Eagles Nest Wilderness. This 'Lost Lake' in Eagles Nest Wilderness is near Copper Mountain Ski Resort. Initially, I had my doubts about this trail as the trailhead is so close to I-70. I was thinking, 'You're going to hear the highway the entire time' and you do up until just before Wheeler Lakes, then the highway fades away. The ski runs on Copper Mountain are visible for most of the hike, but once you get up to and past Wheeler Lakes the views are spectacular.

Upper Cataract Lake and Mirror Lake

July 28, 2018 ~ The hike to Upper Cataract Lake and Mirror Lake was a bit of a soggy hike, this part of July is Colorado's monsoon season and as such that means it will rain at some point during the day. On this hike, hit had threatened to rain for most of the way up to Upper Cataract Lake and then just before Mirror Lake it finally started to rain. The rain was heavy at times but sporadic at Mirror Lake, then on the return trip the rain was consistent and heavy and mixed with sleet, though there were brief breaks in the rain, then the rain would start backup.

Upper Piney Lake

July 21, 2018 ~ The hike to Upper Piney Lake is an odd hike. The trailhead is at a remote resort, Piney River Ranch, basically a dude-ranch in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure when the weather is good the views from the lake at the ranch are breathtaking. However, on this hike the valley was filled with wildfire smoke from the nearby Lake Christine Fire. The first three miles of the hike are piece of cake and go very quickly, tough the wildfire smoke slows you down.

Willow and Salmon Lakes

September 2, 2017 ~ The hike to Willow Lakes and Salmon Lakes is a long hike no matter how you dice it. I started at the Mesa Cortina trailhead which adds about five miles to the hike, clocking in at 21.2 miles roundtrip. For some reason I decided to do this a day hike, making for a very long day, almost 12 hours to the minute.

Booth Lake

August 12, 2017 ~ Booth Lake is one of four glacial valley lakes accessible from exit #180 ? just across the highway from Vail. I got lucky with the weather on the up to the lake. It was great, a few puffy white clouds racing by and a very light breeze. The views are amazing, you can see the classic layered rock formations you see throughout Vail, Red Cliff and Minturn. The wildflowers are in full bloom right now.

Deluge Lake

August 20, 2016 ~ Deluge Lake is a high alpine lake just above treeline. It's a nice length hike, just over nine miles roudtrip. This is one of the trails just across the highway from Vail - like many of these trails just across the highway from Vail, they have a steep incline to jump up to the glacial valley. The weather was a bit of a mixed bag, sometimes perfect blue skies other times it looked like it was about to rain or snow. Deluge Lake is beautiful, I was reluctant to leave, I would love to return to this lake as a multi-day hike. These Gore Range Lakes are spectacular.

Boulder Lake

July 9, 2016 ~ The hike to Boulder Lake was a quick and easy hike for me, it was over before I knew it. The lake itself is pretty and secluded - a nice quiet spot that quick and easy to get to. Probably should be a leg of a longer hike. It was a beautiful day with big blue skies.

Gore Lake

June 25, 2016 ~ Spring as sprung and the Spring Runoff is going strong. Everything is so very green, and the rivers are very full and very fast. The water in the rivers looks so cold, as if it could freeze with a passing shadow. Gore Lake was still partially frozen over, but what a sight to see. This is one of the very easy access trails, though the trail is not for beginners, but easy access to the trailhead as it is right across the highway from the Vail ski resort. Beautiful day, beautiful hike.

Pitkin Lake

August 24, 2013 ~ The trail to Pitkin Lake starts right across the highway from Vail ski resort. The trail follows a high glacial valley. With high glacial valley trails, there is a considerable jump in elevation from the trailhead to the glacial valley very early on in the trail. As such, the most difficult part of the trail is the beginning of the trail.