Native Lake

September 2, 2018 ~ The hike to Native Lake is one of the many Family Friendly trails just outside of Leadville, just past Turquoise Lake. That it is couched as a Family Friendly trail is kind of funny, documented maps show this trail as short, but very steep, nearly straight up. The trail has since been fixed to not be straight up, it has many switchbacks in it, but it is a steep trail nonetheless. This hike came in at 6.1 miles roundtrip for me.

Brown's Pass and Hartenstein Lake

September 1, 2018 ~ The hike to Brown's Pass and Hartenstein Lake in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, for me started in the San Isabel National Forest along Cottonwood Pass. It's a beautiful hike to Brown's Pass which is along The Continental Divide and overlooks the northern ridge of the Sawatch Range. This hike came in at 16.8 miles roundtrip, though I had to add 6 miles to the trek because Cottonwood Pass was closed to vehicles, so I had to park at the Avalanche trailhead and walk along the empty road to the Denny Creek trailhead.

Willis Lake

September 16, 2017 ~ The trail to Willis Lake in the San Isabel National Forest, is a very lightly traveled trail. It's a very nice trail, steep in places, but very well taken care of. It was mid-September when I went, so Fall is in the air. The air is brisk, there is a constant, noticeable wind, the Aspens are changing and the brush is rusting giving the valley floor dramatic contrasting textures.